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Bold Leadership, Brave Culture, and Breakthrough Results

Are You Ready to Achieve Rapid Breakthrough Results?

B STATE’s powerful mindset and collective habits of execution will transform your leadership and organization.

Our clients are achieving breakthrough, organizational results in as little as 3 months!

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B STATE provides a clear roadmap from point A (your current state) to point B (your future state), to rapidly achieve measurable, breakthrough results.

It creates a true transformation that removes old mindsets and silos by replacing inefficient behaviors with new, success-promoting habits to quickly create the highest performing culture for groundbreaking business outcomes. 

How FAST do you want BREAKTHROUGH results?

In just 3 months...

A city transformed a group of siloed managers into a unified team of business leaders!

In just 6 months...

A hospital reversed its declining quality and low patient satisfaction scores while turning a forecasted $3M loss into the first breakeven year in years.

In just 9 months...

A global manufacturing IT group installed a new business model across four continents that saved €45M per year.

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Studies in Business Transformation - A Thrive Global Column

Thrive Global was created by Arianna Huffington to go beyond raising awareness to create something real and tangible that would help individuals, companies, and communities improve their well-being and performance and unlock their greatest potential.

Interview with Louis Carter

Currently on the Studies in Business Transformation series is an interview with Louis Carter, the CEO and President of the Best Practice Institute, which helps organizations and C-suite senior executives achieve their market strategy through organization learning, action learning, and HR SaaS software.

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