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Creating Breakthrough Change In Your Life

We coach businesses on change management that produces results & culture change at the same time.

We serve: Healthcare Pharma Biotech Gaming High Tech Information Technology Energy Nuclear Aerospace Defense Manufacturing Nonprofit Education Government Finance Insurance Retail

B STATE Can Help You

Are you looking to eliminate silos that cause conflicting priorities and unnecessary miscommunication, dropped balls, duplication, and competition?

Do you need to address executives who claim alignment but act self-interested, causing confusion and mistrust?

Do you need help getting people to take ownership of results instead of being busy with activity?

Looking for assistance Increasing employee initiative and engagement at every level?

Are you looking to create a culture that attracts employees you want and repels the ones you don’t?

Do you want to free up time to get more done with the same number of people?

Do you need to increase the quality and on-time delivery while reducing cost and headcount?

Workplace Team Transformation

Team Building

Sustainable Team Inclusion

Culture Change

Workforce Rationalizing

Executive Coaching

Cultural Coaching

Leadership Training

We've helped re-shape corporate culture

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Internal change agents used our Personal Accountability Model and Breakthrough Leadership Team System to transform performance and culture worldwide.

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Delivered Developing B STATE Leaders and Successors one-day to every new-hire manager as a coaching system for developing high-performers.

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GAP’s Old Navy clothing divisions used our team system to reset visions and norms which they then also implemented at the store level.

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Together, Executives and Middle Managers eliminated silo thinking and trained internal leads and facilitators to up level meeting effectiveness.

What we do

Team Building

We grow your bottom-line performance and install a new leadership and team-based culture in months rather of years.

Leadership Training

You can immediately implement B STATE leader-led, self-guided, and certification courses in person or virtually.

Business Education

Get leading-edge instruction and information about team-building, leadership, accountability, and more.

Hi, I'm Mark Samuel,
Founder and CEO.
Welcome to B STATE!

When I started consulting right out of business school, I used all the best OD practices available. My clients were happy with the trainings,  but the results only lasted an average of 3 months! Business teams quickly slipped back to old behaviors – the breakthrough results were never in reach. 

Over the next 35 years, I constantly tweaked my approach as I learned the keys to real breakthrough success. My experiences on sports teams and musical groups, as well as my background in statistics led me to the secrets of high-functioning team success. B STATE is a unique approach that can be measured and tracked.

We offer multiple books detailing my approach, self-guided training programs, and free assessments. Don’t wait! Help your business achieve lasting change and increased profitability.

mark samuel

New Book by Mark Samuel

Buy the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Amazon Best Seller today!

The Best of B STATE

Leadership Teams

For Executive, Senior and Middle Management Teams

Department Teams

For Transforming Key Functional Departments

Project Teams

For Critical Projects or Projects at Risk

“Mark Samuel’s model for achieving B STATE is built on methodically shaping an organization’s leadership culture to support the desired state. Using Mark's B State process, our leadership team transformed its habits of execution, nurtured new levels of accountability within mid-management, and significantly exceeded our performance goals.”
Susan V. Juris
President of University Hospitals Ahuja Medical Center
“B STATE shows leaders and managers the power of breaking out of silos to communicate and collaborate in a new way, leading to the sustainable results organizations are starving for. Mark Samuel proposes a simple, revolutionary mind-set shift and an approach that is life-changing for all leaders, managers, and the companies they work for on all levels, professionally and personally.”
Rúna Bouius
Transformational Leadership Expert, Speaker, and Author
“I have focused on business and organizational transformation for the last 25 years, and I can attest that the key levers that Mark describes in this book actually do work: a powerful shared purpose, collaborative vs. siloed priorities, a forward focus on building positive energy, and scale vs. dwelling on the problem—these are the pillars of a successful transformation.”
Victor Cho
CEO of Evite™
"The B State methodology presented in Mark's book is fast and transformational. Our worldwide marketing company with over 150 employees and contractors streamlined our systems, improved our productivity, and provided our customers with even greater responsiveness. And, many remarked about the positive impact in their own personal lives."
Sinan Kanatsiz
"B State resonates strongly with me because it’s a practical approach to transformation. Using the techniques outlined in his book, Mark helped our organization focus on the Collective Execution and the future state of what needed to be done—the ‘B State.’ We have transformed to a new B State, and it is like being a new organization. This is a model that works and a book that can transform your organization and/or your personal life very quickly."
Ron Peterson
President and CEO of Baxter Regional Medical Center
“Mark Samuel is a proven expert on accountability. He wisely recognizes that every great leader must set the right team and also be very decisive to be successful. Apply the wisdom of B State, and you’ll see the transforming effect on your team. If you really want to achieve great results in your organization and to be able to do it fast, this book will help you take the necessary steps to get there.”
Juan José Valdés
Torres, CEO of Adama México
"The reactions from 2 days with you are profound – words like “gamechanger”, "most important training in the history of the College", and other emphatic statements about how strongly they really, really, believe in this process. Thank you for helping us to find optimism for the future of the College and that jointly, we will lead more strategically and effectively. The conversations held subsequent to our time with you have been truly amazing."
Vice President, Human Resources
Regional College
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We maintain the highest levels of integrity, honesty, trust, and respect in service to our clients, partnerships, vendors, and ourselves.  

We adhere to the highest moral and ethical code in service to leaving the world better than we found it.

We demonstrate a clear priority for affecting positive change over the accumulation of wealth, power, or control for ourselves or B STATE.

We provide high-level education that promotes free and diverse thinking.

We respect and honor each individual free from discrimination regardless of race, gender, religion, national origin, physical condition, or job role.

We are generous with our own time and resources to contribute to the positive progression of our clients, each other, and B STATE’s purpose.

We give others the benefit of the doubt, free from judgment, to strengthen and promote safety and trust with our clients,  B STATE team, vendors, families, and community.

We graciously accept the mistakes of others and ourselves focusing on forgiveness, learning, and growth.

We learn, demonstrate, teach, and mentor the principles of B STATE’s CREDO in service to creating breakthrough positive results.

Above all, we demonstrate love and kindness for ourselves and each other to positively impact the lives of many.

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