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Replace Silos with Shared Ownership for Business Results

Key Outcomes for the Breakthrough Leadership Team System

  • Align leaders on an expanded role, cross-functional expectations, and Team Habits that accelerate business results and goal achievement
  • Create a safe and trusting environment for difficult conversations and challenging the status quo
  • Transition from a Tactical focus to a Strategic, Proactive focus
  • Clarify, communicate, and execute on business & culture priorities that prevent conflicting priorities or confusion, and drive alignment at all levels across the organization
  • Guaranteed Team Performance Improvements with 60% to 80% improved Team Execution and 15% to 35% improved Team Relationships
  • Eliminate churn and spin by creating new habits of collective execution that drive diverse inclusion, aligned criteria, decisiveness, and accountable implementation
  • Communicate with “One Voice” to others outside of the team to increase inclusion and cooperation while reducing resistance or confusion
  • Transform Middle Managers into a unified team of business leaders that drive business outcomes, operational excellence and desired cultural norms
  • Implement Outcome-Driven meetings that spend more time on strategic innovation and removing barriers to success rather than just sharing information or reviewing tactical metrics
  • Build resilience to recover from unexpected challenges that surface (ie. COVID, Weather, Supplier Issues, Staffing Issues, etc.)
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Transform Departments to More Effectively Support the Line Organization While Ensuring Consistent Best Practices Across the Organization

Outcomes for Building High Performing Department Teams

  • Gain alignment for an expanded department role and higher expectations to more effectively respond to the line organization
  • Breakdown silo behaviors that result in a lack of trust, poor coordination, power plays, and resistance to change
  • Build trust, safety, and a listening environment that encourages diversity, inclusion, and engagement at all levels focused on improvement
  • Ensure that the department is supporting corporate and cross- functional goals and priority projects
  • Develop leaders with the process and skills to set clear priorities, and provide clear expectations with development and accountability for high performance
  • Improve transparent information sharing and inclusive decision making within and outside of the department
  • Streamline processes while establishing consistent functional best practices across the organization responsive to a demanding business environment
  • Provide Executive Coaching to prepare Department Directors to become effective business leaders

Accelerate Project Results and Quality Output that Matches Agreed Upon Scope, Schedule, & Budget

Outcomes for Building High Performing Project Teams

  • Align all functions and vendors with a “behavioral” Picture of Success for the Project that includes what will be accomplished and optimal teamwork to be successful
  • Ensure the highest level of trust, support, and cross-discipline inclusion for effective planning, coordination, and teamwork
  • Establish agreed upon Team Habits to optimize Project Team Execution – sharing information, solving problems, making decisions, and communicating to stakeholders
  • Ensure the regular inclusion of customer feedback and input during project execution
  • Implement Outcome Driven Meetings that focus more on proactively surfacing and resolving obstacles and making aligned decisions than status updates without effective accountability
  • Increase functional, cross-functional, and vendor accountability for completing commitments on time and on budget with quality output
  • Ensure effective escalation of challenges or obstacles with recommended solutions beyond the authority of the Project Team
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B STATE Accountability Programs for Team Players

A one-day, highly interactive workshop for executives and middle managers.

  • Highlight the difference between a Stuck and Growth mindset
  • Accountable communication, dialogue, and discussion
  • The role of leaders in building organizational accountability
  • Accountable two-way delegation and agreements
  • Holding others accountable in a positive and supportive manner
  • Building cross-functional accountability
  • Developing an individual Leadership Picture of Success

This one-day session provides leaders a simple process for coaching their direct reports towards B STATE (breakthrough state) expectations including:

  • A simple and comprehensive diagnostic assessment
  • Strategy for leveraging the coaching conversation
  • Communication skills to inspire employees

A one-day, highly interactive workshop for all employees to create a secret language of accountability throughout a department or an entire organization.

  • Highlight the difference between a Stuck and Growth mindset
  • Accountable communication, dialogue, and discussion
  • Engaging in the improvement and future of the organization
  • Accountable two-way delegation and agreements
  • Holding Others Accountable in a Positive and Supportive Manner
  • Building cross-functional accountability
  • Developing a personal Picture of Success

A Self-Learning, e-Learning System for building teams at every level to improve teamwork, customer experience, and efficiency.

  • 7 lessons using 45-minute meetings once per month
  • Assess current level of team effectiveness
  • Highlight the difference between a Stuck and Growth mindset
  • Improve trust, support, and communication within our team
  • Goals and actions to improve internal and external customer satisfaction
  • Assess effectiveness with internal and external customers
  • Generate ideas and commit to improve operational effectiveness and efficiency
  • Develop a Report of Improvement identifying improved customer experience, efficiency and teamwork

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