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B State is a paradigm shift to quickly transform your business and culture by changing your ‘habits of collective execution.'”
—Joey Hubbard, Global Head of Trainings at Thrive Global


We are all about getting Rapid Breakthrough Results and helping you get a measurable transformation in your organization. Listen in as Mark Samuel talks about our process of getting to Meaningful Measurements.

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IT Group Drives Company-Wide Transformation, Saving Millions

After two plus years of failed efforts, an IT group was faced with 18 months to complete the change. In 9 months, resistant middle managers rallied to lead a business model change that became a company-wide transformation, which…
  • Saved 45 Million Euros per year
  • Completed 100% of the 7 most important projects on-time (a first)
  • Reduced IT project load from 1300 projects to 240
  • Based on correlated measures, demonstrated a dynamically sustainable Culture Change

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Hospital Conquers 3 Major Transformations in 3 Years

Faced with low throughput, high cost, and dropping patient satisfaction, staff morale, and revenue, a new hospital used the B STATE approach to make a dramatic turnaround. In six months…

  • The organization was energized, unified, and speaking with one voice
  • 30 day re-admissions went from 4 of 5 to 1 of 5
  • Patient experience and physician scores soared
  • Quality and safety scores hit all-time highs
  • The hospital successfully used their B STATE approach to improve each year

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Rural Medical Center Ready to Close Its Doors – Rallies for Huge Success

Faced with rising costs and declining reimbursements, a rural Medical Center was fighting a losing battle to keep its doors open. After using the B STATE Approach to create a new sense of purpose, the leadership team came together and within 8 months…
  • Turnover and vacancies declined
  • The medical center made a profit of $3M instead of a forecasted loss of $3.5M
  • Two years later, the hospital is not only thriving, it is recognized by Health Grade as being in the top 50 hospitals in the country for safety

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Shipping Company Boosts Succession, Bench Strength, & Changes Culture

Shipping Company Boosts Succession, Bench Strength, & Changes Culture

A successful shipping company was in transition due to changes in management and upgrades to its aging equipment. Foreseeing future challenges in safety and leadership, the CEO used the B STATE Approach and..

  • Employee engagement improved dramatically
  • Decisions began to be made much faster
  • The “us versus them” silo mentality disappeared
  • When the CEO changed positions, there was a team of 3 top leaders ready to jump in

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Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Plant Transforms Resistors into Unified Business Leaders

Changes in ownership, revolving leadership, and external pressures caused a once-thriving manufacturing plant to struggle with productivity, safety, turnover, and cost. Using the B STATE Approach, senior leadership and middle managers were able to unite under a common vision and…
  • Reduce turnover from 13% to 3%
  • Bring Batch Production from 22 batches behind (end of previous year) to 17 batches ahead (in the first six months)
  • Reduce recordable incidents by 50% over 12 months

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Struggling Call Center Transforms Customer Satisfaction Results

As customer satisfaction rates at a small center kept falling, both the management and employees pointed fingers at each other for the decline. Using the B STATE Approach, within six months the leadership team came together and..

  • Customer satisfaction scores were consistently measured at over 8.0 of 10 in all metrics
  • 50-80% of the employees reported seeing improvements
  • Consistently received good reviews from the sales team that depended on them (a complete turnaround)

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Inter-Departmental Cooperation in City Government Saves Millions & Improves Service

A lack of collaboration between department leaders in a small city government was halting productivity, squandering resources, and bringing down team morale. In six months, directors, managers, and supervisors joined together, and…
  • They reduced expenses across departments, totaling a savings of $1 million
  • Internal grievances dropped form two per month to zero
  • Staff morale increased, absenteeism decreased, and employees showed up to work on time 
  • Meetings became more effective

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