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The missing piece

The Missing Pieces In Team Building

For decades, corporate team building has consisted of style inventories, communication skill building and teamwork games like ropes courses, trust falls and escape rooms. While these activities might bring a

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6 Best High Performing Teams Books

High-performing teams are the goal of every company. A team or whole organization that is hyper-focused on its goals, achieving exceptional business results, usually consists of people with specialized skills

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Change management is a team effort

What is Change Management?

Change management is the ability to link the structural change with the behaviors and ownership needed by the people to rapidly achieve your desired business outcomes. 5 Types of Change

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Cross-Functional teams communicate well together

Cross-Functional Teams: Challenges & Tips

Cross-functional teams haven’t always been popular, but nowadays we know organizations can’t get breakthrough results without them. When departments operate in functional silos, they simply don’t have the knowledge, awareness,

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What is a Cross Functional Team

What Is A Cross Functional Team

Cross-functional teams (CFTs) are groups of employees from different functional areas within a company or business. Another word for cross-functional is cross-departmental. For example, a CFT could include individuals from

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Accountability requires everyone to take ownership for results

5 Myths of Accountability

By Mark Samuel – The myths of accountability are deeply ingrained in our business paradigms. Accountability is one of the most misunderstood terms in organizational development and a concept that

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The New Everyday Hero

By Mark Samuel –  Business in the coronavirus environment continues with people working from home, being laid-off or furloughed, or finding creative ways of  collaborating with others while keeping social

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The Low Down on Burnout

By Mark Samuel There is a major misunderstanding about burnout that suggests it stems from over-work, change, and driving toward higher levels of business results year after year. However, we

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