Cross-Functional teams communicate well together

Cross-Functional Teams: Challenges & Tips

By Mark Samuel – Cross-functional teams haven’t always been popular, but nowadays we know organizations can’t get breakthrough results without them. When departments operate in functional silos, they simply don’t

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What is a Cross Functional Team

What Is A Cross Functional Team

Cross functional teams (CFTs) are groups of employees from different functional areas within a company or business. For example, a CFT could include individuals from marketing, sales, research and development

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What Is Self Accountability?

What Is Self Accountability? [Guide & FAQ]

Self accountability is a key marker to a successful organization. To create an environment of responsibility, trust, and innovation, leadership and employees must all learn to develop self accountability. We’ll

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Are Silos Causing Breakdowns in Your Organization?

By Mark Samuel – Did you know that departmental silos are the biggest obstacle to high performance, increased profitability, value-driven culture, and overall success? In my consulting practice, I’ve seen that bringing functional leaders

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Published Articles

Accountability requires everyone to take ownership for results

Forbes | 5 Myths of Accountability

By Mark Samuel – The myths of accountability are deeply ingrained in our business paradigms. Accountability is one of the most misunderstood terms in organizational development and a concept that I

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Building Trust in the Workplace requires teamwork and communication

Forbes | Building Trust In The Workplace

By Mark Samuel – When trust in the workplace breaks down between individuals or teams, relationships suffer — poor communication, hiding, defensive posturing, blame and other forms of aggressive and passive-aggressive

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Thrive Global | The New Everyday Hero

By Mark Samuel –  Business in the coronavirus environment continues with people working from home, being laid-off or furloughed, or finding creative ways of  collaborating with others while keeping social distance

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5 Leadership Lessons with Mark Samuel

Which people in history inspire you the most? Why? John F. Kennedy, while not being perfect, was able to mobilize the world with inspirational messages of hope, personal responsibility, and care for

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