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I urge you to make it a priority to read this book and get to work creating B State in your own life and work.”
—Gay Hendricks, PhD, author of The Big Leap & Joy of Genius—

Tools for Effective Team Assessments and Accountability


Elevate Your Team Through Accountability

An accountable team environment is where every member, regardless of level or function, can count on each other for a “can do” attitude, trusted behaviors, mutual support, and dedication to agreed-upon desired outcomes.

Since 1985, IMPAQ has been dedicated to building personal, team, and organizational accountability as a positive, safe, and supportive culture. Over 50,000 people from five continents worldwide and hundreds of millions of dollars in direct return on investment also contributed to improved cultural scores in trust, engagement, and satisfaction.

Assess Your Accountability:

Elevate Your Team Through Accountability
B STATE Team Relationship Questionnaire

B STATE Team Relationship Questionnaire (TRQ)

An assessment of team relationships, the B STATE Team Relationship Questionnaire (TRQ) is an easy-to-use tool for producing measurable improvements in team performance and relationships. It covers 15 critical elements to team interaction including roles, agreements, communication, trust, meeting effectiveness, and conflict resolution. Purchase the starter kit first and then add additional questionnaires as needed.

Self Learning Systems

Meaningful Employee Engagement (MEE)

Meaningful Employee Engagement: Building Accountability for Managers and Their Teams (MEE) provides step-by-step guidance for seven self-learning sessions that managers and their teams can conduct during regularly scheduled staff meetings. This series is a comprehensive program that allows you to systematically track results as your team improves customer satisfaction, reduces costs, and improves teamwork.

As a part of the package, you receive access to seven online videos, a pre and post-Team Accountability Assessment, e-mail coaching support, plus a participant workbook, and a wallet-sized Personal Accountability Card for each team member.

Meaningful Employee Engagement

Taking Action Now! (TAN)

by: Mark Samuel

Taking Action Now! Turn Learning into Results (TAN) is a self-learning program to improve real workplace issues. This unique program is focused on improving performance, efficiency, teamwork and overall effectiveness. And, each person will document and share measurable improvements to demonstrate a Return on Investment! Pricing does not include shipping or tax.

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