Is your leadership team stuck?

Get measurable,
Breakthrough Results

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Breakthrough Leadership Team System

98% of Teams Achieve
Measurable, Breakthrough Results
within 4-6 Months - Guaranteed

How can we make this claim?

35 years of experience and data, with over 1,400 teams and 30,000 team players shows us:

Within 4-6 month

Team Habits Improve

60% - 80%

Team Relationships Improve


Team Outcomes Improve

What makes this system work
better than any other?

  1. It’s business outcome-driven rather than process or skill-driven.

  2. It aligns the team on its optimal future state execution, so there’s no need to rehash past issues.

  3. It anchors new high-performance team habits that hold up over time and under pressure.

  4. It builds a safe and accountable environment for open dialogue to challenge the status quo without blaming or shaming.

  5. It installs an ongoing follow-up system for accountability, agility, and measurement.

Implement Your B STATE
Breakthrough Leadership Team System

A Simple 4-Step Process

Each step of the process uses an outcome-driven approach to minimize wasted time and maximize deliverables and results.

  • We focus on external drivers, challenges, and constraints to ensure we keep the implementation targeted and practical.
  • Develop a Future Picture of Success
  • Create 10 to 15 new Team Habits of Collective Execution to optimize operational excellence – the missing link to breakthrough results
  • Align on shared team priorities and project plans to create breakthrough results
  • Identify proactive recovery to surface and resolve breakdowns quickly
  • Baseline measures that are tracked in outcome-driven (B STATE) meetings
  • We reinforce the newly established team mindset and behavior changes to get things moving quickly without extra meetings that waste time.
  • 4-6 months after the initial session we meet with the team to measure and adjust. The team can then replicate the process every six months to make critical adjustments to sustain success in an ever-changing marketplace.

Team Habits
are the missing link for creating
predictable, measurable, breakthrough results

Create Breakthrough Results

A bio-pharma manufacturing operations team, with poor safety and performance, transformed to become the benchmark plant in their entire system.

A municipal government leadership team broke down silos, increased engagement and saved millions of dollars, in only 6 months.

A medical center leadership team went from operating red and almost closing its doors to being profitable and improving patient satisfaction in 9 months.

A 3,000-person division  leadership team restructured increasing morale, and decreasing costs by over $2M in 9 months.

Share the Experience

“We accomplished in one day what would have taken us at least 3 months. –Healthcare

“Instead of learning about each other’s styles, we learned about each other’s needs for success, and we are committed to each other’s success in addition to our own success. This is true ownership!” –Utility

“ We became a unified team by working on real issues and getting real work accomplished. It felt good to rise above our differences to our common cause as a team.” –Manufacturing

“ We have a clear path to success and the means to support and trust each other, and it all happened in one day. It was easy and graceful, and we have the reference point for high performance.” –Retail

“ I came in stressed and burned out, and now I feel rejuvenated. Today, a major load lifted now that we are all aligned and actively supporting each other to be successful.” –Medical Facility

“ So often these activities give us more work to do. Not this process. We are just doing our work differently to be more efficient, more focused, and more results-oriented.” –Government

Get the Answers to
Frequently Asked Question

Step 1: Understanding your business

  • We meet with the team leader to customize the team system to your business driers and needs.
  • We interview the team players to both build a relationship and further clarity needs and constraints.
  • We review and refine the strategy and approach with the team leader.
  • Team members watch 4 short on-line videos to prepare for the session.

Step 2: Implement the team system virtually (in 5-6, two to three-hour sessions)

  • Session 1: Review foundational principles, external business drivers, and create a unified Picture of Future Success and a cross-regional leadership steam
  • Session 2: Identify 10-12 new Collective Habits of Leadership Team Execution and establish baseline measures for each
  • Session 3: Prioritized that habits essential to success in the next 6 months and create habits improvement plans that will be owned by the entire team to begin demonstrating those habits quickly
  • Session 4: Identify the primary cross-regional priorities, project leads, and develop one Project Ownership Plan to create shared ownership for results
  • Session 5: Streamline and structuring current meetings into B STATE Meetings designed for leading breakthrough business results and culture change.
  • Session 6: Review results of team Relationship Assessment, create Team Accountability Agreements (if necessary), and establish a communication strategy for those impacted

Step 3: Initial Meetings and Coaching Support

  • After the session is a critical time, where it is easy to fall back to old habits.
  • We attend and help you lead your first 1-2 meetings newly transformed B STATE team meetings to ensure they are outcome-driven and effective.
  • We also meet with the team leader and key leaders of top priorities to ensure any barriers are surfaced and addressed early.

Step 4: Team Evaluation and Refinement (2 three-hour sessions – 4-6 months later)

  • 3-6 months after installing the system we meet virtually with the team to measure and acknowledge progress.
  • This is an essential component of the system and a key to long-term success.
  • During this time the team measures four essential components
    • The overall team business results
    • Progress on the new team habits essential for success
    • Shared B STATE team business priorities
    • The relationships and interactions of the team (the team culture)
  • The team then picks new priorities, makes necessary adjustments, integrates new team members, and creates a communication plan to everyone affected
  • It is through this process that the system is transferred to the team to reduce or eliminate dependence on outside consultants.

There are some common myths about doing virtual sessions:

  • You cannot develop intimate relationships for team building in a virtual format
  • You can’t build a sense of team awareness, teamwork, and collaboration in a virtual format
  • Team building requires social interaction, games, and dinners together

Quite the contrary, there are benefits and advantages to delivering a proven business team system like this one virtually.

  • You build your team around the team’s actual role and priorities, whether as a Senior Leadership Team, Middle Management Team, Project Team, Functional Team, or Cross-Functional Team
  • The degree of open dialogue and sharing increases in a virtual format, because we aren’t in the same room with other dominating personalities
  • A virtual meeting format is more effective, less time consuming and can be adjusted to meet each person’s needs regardless of location
  • You can lower travel costs (airline, hotel rooms, and meals) to cover a good percentage of the program’s costs
  • Every team member is part of creating the documentation of agreements and commitments used, enhancing shared ownership and sustainable results
  • We can deliver the Virtual Team System using your company’s preferred platform – Zoom, Webex, and MS Teams
  • We deliver the virtual team system using your company’s preferred platform – Zoom, Webex, and MS Teams

The system is adaptable to any level of team including:

  • Executive Teams
  • Management Teams
  • Functional Teams
  • Cross-Functional Leadership Teams
  • Project Teams
  • Newly formed or merged teams
  • The system is so flexible and engaging we have worked with teams from 5 to 77 in size.
  • For rapid change and maximum engagement, we also are able to work with multi-level teams in the same session without sacrificing the role of each level.
  • Contact us for specific questions and custom strategies for your situation.
  • It works surprisingly well all over the world. We’ve implemented in Europe, the Middle East, China, Japan, South America, North America, Australia, and mixed culture groups.
  • It integrates well with Agile. A key element of Agile, the team-driven process, is usually left for the teams to figure out on their own.. The team system immediately sets up the shared ownership and accountability for the teamwork required for success., 
  • This isn’t a teambuilding session, training, or event. It’s a business, outcome-driven working session that leaves you with a Breakthrough Leadership Team System you can use for years to come.
  • We have had teams use the system for 3-15 years with minimal support, even with the introduction of new team members.
  • With additional support, team performance skyrockets in years 2 and 3.
  • No. This is where the system shines because it was designed for real-world changes.
  • There is a simple process for integrating new team members, and including their experiences and hopes in what the team has built.
  • Even new leaders, with new expectations, and a new direction, have found it helpful to continue to use the system to move forward.
  • Yes.
    • If the team never utilizes their meetings to follow-up on their commitments from the session.
    • If the leader reverts to command and control rather than following the team system.
  • Now we can identify these situations in advance and suggestion a different approach.
  • Teams have used the system to pivot their business models three times within three years. It provides them the ability to adjust rapidly to new business challenges and opportunities.

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