B STATE Solutions

Craft your Breakthrough State (B STATE) Picture of Success™ and a Strategic Execution Roadmap that inspires employees at all levels to rapidly achieve breakthrough results in just one day.

  • Use external drivers for a compelling story
  • Provide a practical and safe Roadmap for change

We partner with you to identify the external drivers impacting your business and clarify your business/culture transformation – B STATE Picture of Success. Then we ensure you have a clear Strategic Execution Roadmap for rapid transformation.

A Strategic Execution Roadmap quickly identifies:  

  • A future oriented Gap Analysis (Mindset, Behaviors, Accountability, Expectations)
  • Expanded leadership roles/habits necessary at all levels, (especially Middle Management)
  • Leveraging or altering current conditions, structure, systems and tools
  • A communication message and strategy for repetition, inclusion and updating
  • A customized Roadmap including timed phases and expectations

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Transform silos into cross-functional shared ownership through Senior and Middle Management Team Accountability Systems.

Organizational transformation requires a new mindset and different habits for collective execution. The Team Accountability System accomplishes this instantly! – first with Senior Leadership, then with Middle Management.

B STATE Team Accountability System – for Senior Leadership, Middle Manager, and Functional Teams:

  • Aligns leadership on the top 6 to 8 priority initiatives for transformation
  • Institutes “shared ownership” to achieve those initiatives
  • Transforms silos into cross-functional collaboration, problem solving and decision-making
  • Turns Middle Managers into a unified team of business leaders responsible for Operational Excellence and cultural Change Agents
  • Establishes aligned messaging and inclusive communication at all levels
  • Establishes a monitoring system for collective execution
  • Measures business results and sustainable culture change within three to six months

Taken as a 4-level series or individual programs, leaders develop skills, and accountable processes for consistent organizational standards in B STATE. All programs are outcome-driven to achieve results.

B STATE Accountability improves personal, team and cross-functional accountability including:

  • Coaching direct reports
  • Accountable delegation
  • Holding others accountable in a supportive manner
  • Improving teamwork and cross-functional collaboration

Developing B STATE Leaders and Successors provides leaders a simple process for coaching their direct reports towards B STATE (breakthrough) expectations including:

  • A simple and comprehensive diagnostic assessment
  • Strategy for leveraging the coaching conversation
  • Communication skills to inspire employees

Leading and Managing Change provides leaders the strategy and tools to guide and inspire change including:

  • New mindset for one’s role
  • Process for communicating and implementing change
  • Proactive Recovery Plans to ensure success

Mastership is an “inner-outer” discovery to transform unresolved issues, limiting beliefs, and self-sabotaging behaviors. Results include:

  • Greater creativity and innovation
  • Raising intuition
  • Transformational business leadership
  • Work-life balance
B STATE Executive Coaching is also available to accelerate an individual leader’s ability to articulate a compelling vision, master strategy execution, improve their team’s decision-making and ownership, enhance critical thinking, accelerate positive change, and create an organizational culture that is both accountable and responsive to the company’s and customers needs.

Our programs create a safe environment for employees to participate and own their involvement in the organization moving to B STATE.

Our 3-part series transforms:

  • Comfort with status quo to safety for change
  • Need for buy-in to inspiring involvement
  • Stuck in perfection to urgency and action

B STATE Accountability replaces blame-game mentality and excuses, with increased ownership, initiative, and positive “can do” attitude

Lunch & Learns is a monthly informal educational session delivered by volunteer supervisors and direct reports on B STATE Accountability topics for discussion and personal growth

Meaningful Employee Engagement is an online, self-learning team program that guides supervisors in leading seven 30 to 45-minute discussions with direct reports to improve Teamwork, Customer Service and Efficiency – including documented results. Learn more…

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