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Replace silo thinking and fragmented execution with a leadership team system that produces shared-accountability for achieving your business outcomes.

Sinan Kanatsiz
Sinan Kanatsiz
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The B State methodology is fast and transformational. Our worldwide marketing company with over 150 employees and contractors streamlined our systems, improved our productivity, and provided our customers with even greater responsiveness!

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Measurable Results and Behavior Change
in 3-6 months - Guaranteed!

35 years of experience tells us that 97% of teams that implement this leadership system get a new level of measurable results and behaviors in 3-6 months.

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What is a Leadership Team?

Often a leadership team is defined as the upper level executives in a company including CEO, COO, CFO, CTO, and CHRO. Together they become a guiding and decision-making force for a company that is responsible to customers, stakeholders, and the board of the company.

But leadership teams go well beyond that. In fact, thinking of a leadership team only in terms of the company hierarchy doesn’t create the collaboration between functions you needed for high performance and customer satisfaction. The main role of a leadership team is to create clear direction and ensure any barriers to cross-functional collaboration and coordination in achieving business goals are eliminated.

By definition, leadership teams also include:

  • Departmental or functional teams within the organization
  • Project teams responsible for cross-cutting changes
  • Middle-level operational leadership teams that meet together to improve cross-functional collaboration, coordination, and culture within the organization
What is a Leadership Team?
Why is Leadership Teamwork Important?

Why is Leadership Teamwork Important?

Serving our customers, shareholders, and communities in today’s world is a team effort. An individual leader no longer has the ability to know and respond to everything on their own. It takes a team of leaders to consider the options and more importantly, coordinate the execution across the organization. 

The issue is, under pressure, a leader can go back to old habits of taking control to “get it done.” This will often create more problems than it solves. It’s a leader’s peers that are in the best position to recognize when this happens and influence that leader to take a more global approach that coordinates the response.

Our Leadership Teambuilding Services Bring Results

B STATE is dedicated to creating breakthrough results at all levels of an organization in the most direct, effective way for the organization involved. It means our systems and approaches are adapted for your aspirations, needs, and constraints.

As an example, After two plus years of failed efforts, an IT group was faced with 18 months to complete the change. In 9 months, resistant middle managers rallied to lead a business model change that became a company-wide transformation, which…

  • Saved 45 Million Euros per year
  • Completed 100% of the 7 most important projects on-time (a first)
  • Reduced IT project load from 1300 projects to 240
  • Based on correlated measures, demonstrated a dynamically sustainable Culture Change.
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Frequently Asked Questions

No! This is an old concept that doesn’t respond to our rapidly changing world. At the end of 16 hours, the team has created its norms and is already starting to perform at a whole new level.

Absolutely. It can be done in person, and many teams have found a virtual approach as or more effective for their situation.

Yes! It’s a common misperception that there is an ideal team size. While a smaller team can be easier to handle, we can work with any size that makes sense as to accomplish the task at hand, including teams of 40+ people.

Yes. We have tested this in countries around the world as well as multinational companies that have people from four different continents and many cultures working together. It works because it allows the people to create new expectations and habits of how they execute together right on the spot.

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Measurable results and behavior change
in 3-6 months - guaranteed.

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