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Change Management Consulting

Major change efforts don’t fail at the planning stage, they fail in execution. IMPAQ’s Breakthrough approach (B STATE) is a proven, phased approach to ensuring rapid execution that is owned and executed at every level of your organization.

NO lengthy assessments – NO extended commitments – NO wasted time.

Stephen Chenard
Stephen Chenard
Vice President @ General Dynamics Mission Systems
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"Mark’s practical approach to building teams that focus on ‘collective execution’ to optimize coordination is essential for people geographically spread and blended between the office and virtual space. Without building cross-functional ‘team habits,’ organizations would be left to operate in silos undermining future success.”

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Measurable Results and Behavior Change
in 3-6 months - Guaranteed!

We start by creating a custom B STATE Roadmap for your organization, that provides you clarity, leverage, and a phased approach so you can be assured of measurable results all along the way. You are going to see results in 3, 6, and 9 months.

You invest in one phase at a time and get measurable results before having to invest in the next phase. This is the fastest way to achieve results and build confidence in the organization for your transformation. We help you take high-leverage action that produces movement and ultimately builds unstoppable momentum.

What Our Clients Say

What Is Change Management?

Change management is any processes or projects done by individuals or a team within an organization to enact change within that organization. This can be done for almost any reason, including:

  • The need to update technology within the organization
  • The need to improve culture, attitude, or retention within the organization
  • An initiative to improve diversity & inclusion
  • An organizational change after a merge or acquisition
  • An immediate need to increase profit, hire new employees, or downsize to avoid closure
  • New direction within an organization because of new management or a change in external drivers
What is a Leadership Team?
Why is Leadership Teamwork Important?

Why Is Change Management Important?

Change Management isn’t always important. If you are making small incremental process improvements, it’s not critical. However, when you are dealing with a complex change, change management is essential. 

This is especially true of organization-wide, transformational, enterprise systems, and personnel changes, because success depends on people at all levels taking ownership of their new roles and changing their behavior in a way that considers and leverages others.

B STATE Change Management Consulting​
Produces Lasting Results

Rural Medical Center Ready to Close Its Doors
– Rallies for Huge Success

Faced with rising costs and declining reimbursements, a rural Medical Center was fighting a losing battle to keep its doors open. After using the B STATE phased approach to create a new sense of purpose, the leadership team came together and within 8 months…

  • Turnover and vacancies declined
  • The medical center made a profit of $3M instead of a forecasted loss of $3.5M
  • Two years later, the hospital is not only thriving, it’s now recognized by Health Grade as being in the top 50 hospitals in the country for safety
emergency building of hospital

Frequently Asked Questions

You can’t. You need a good assessment. The difference is a B STATE approach accomplishes this in days or weeks, not months. With B STATE, we formulate the picture based on the external business drivers that must be addressed. Then our gap analysis considers the best path and initial targets to get immediate progress and refine our approach before launching into the next phase.

A B STATE approach never goes for buy-in up front. Practically speaking, people don’t buy-in until they have evidence that what you are proposing actually works. Instead, we focus involvement. We involve people in painting the new picture. We involve them in identifying the critical challenges. And we involve them in identifying and creating the initial priorities and actions that will make a difference. This type of involvement is what people crave and it creates immediate ownership and enthusiasm for taking action that will produce results

Here are some real quotes from leaders of organization that thought the same thing.

“My staff was burned-out and overwhelmed, but by using the B STATE approach, we not only accomplished our goals, but we saved 4 hours per person per week in meeting time. For 150-person function, that was the equivalent of getting 15 extra bodies a year for free.” – Defense contractor IT group – EVP. “By going through a structured approach to our planning, we were able to overcome challenges and open our Hospital Cath Lab one year early, which gives us a year’s worth of additional revenue and the ability to serve the needs of our community. – Rural Health System CEO
The initial two-days putting together the picture of success, new habits of execution, the B STATE roadmap, and initial priorities, cut three months of time off the construction of our first indoor theme park. Theme Park VP

Not at all. We help you install and customize a systematic B STATE approach to your change management. We also appear at critical stages to set up the system, make sure it functions as a part of your normal leadership process, and set up the follow-up and measurement to make sure you are successful. Then we transfer the B STATE System to you so that you can use it for other efforts down the road. We empower you to manage your change rather than creating “consultant dependency.” However, we are not hit and run either. We are always available to help you accomplish the business outcomes you have targeted.

Yes, we do. If you agree the roadmap is practical and do your part, 97% of the companies we work with more than attain their goals. That’s how, after 35 years, we can make that guarantee with confidence. In the few case that companies don’t, we are on board to make the adjustments with you to get there.

Results are static, but the ability to grow and respond to the changing environment can be built into your culture and serve you for years to come. Most organizations use their B STATE strategies, cultures, and team systems for 3-15 years after the initial implementation.

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Measurable results and behavior change
in 3-6 months - guaranteed.

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