Transform Your Team Habits, Priorities, & Meetings
for Unbeatable Results Under Pressure

With David Rodgers
B STATE® Executive Team Consultant

Our Rapid Team Results System gives you all the tools your team needs to:

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Registration closes on Tuesday, 24 January at 11:59 pm (PT)
(Participation is limited to 15 people – so you get maximum value)

You came here for a reason

  • As an executive – you need an executive team that functions like a professional sports team – with everyone working from the mindset of a unified team of business owners – not separate entities.
  • As a department head – you need managers to surface issues and resolve them with each other rapidly rather than dropping them at your door
  • As a team leader – you must maximize your team’s time with clear expectations, priorities, and meetings that solve problems, make timely decisions, and get people back to work with clarity, confidence, and purpose.

That's why we created the Rapid Team Results System

It’s for those of you that want to get more than just the new level of thinking and alignment. It’s for those who want to ensure you get a new level of results and anchor a culture that will sustain growth, even in a rapidly changing environment.

What if your team

  • Completed projects 25% faster with the same number of people
  • Acted more like leaders or business owners than employees
  • Went the extra mile to make sure they achieved the desired results
  • Willingly surfaced and resolved issues with each other
  • Held each other accountable in a supportive way, so you didn’t have to
  • Consistently followed through on assignments and tackled problems together

And what if, as a result

  • It freed up time for everyone
  • Crisis events were minimized
  • Your ability to anticipate and respond to new challenges increased
  • You had the time to develop and support your direct reports
  • Your new team culture naturally attracts the best people and repels those that don’t fit
  • There is always someone that could cover for any position on your team, including yours
  • Your internal or external customers spontaneously acknowledge your team because they see and feel the difference
  • You could take your vacations knowing the team had it covered

It’s not a dream


Here is what one team accomplished in months, not years. 

A challenged hospital laboratory had a history of lab errors and poor performance they couldn’t shake. Some doctors were defensive and non-cooperative, morale was at an all-time low, and they were in danger of being outsourced.

Using the Rapid Team Results System, in six months, they completely turned things around:

  • Resistors came in line rapidly as all team members took accountability for surfacing issues directly with them in a supportive way
  • Errors instantly dropped, and enthusiasm rose
  • Non-performers could no longer hide and eventually found new positions elsewhere
  • Their new team habits and performance had become an unshakeable norm
  • Other departments and leaders asked to learn how they did this turn-around so rapidly and completely
  • They did so well that they won two excellence awards, one for the most improved team in the entire system

Registration closes on Tuesday, 24 January at 11:59 pm (PT)
(Participation is limited to 15 people – so you get maximum value)

We've packed 30+ years of
team transformation experience
into 5 easy-to-use modules

And you get access to them all:

Module 1: Align around a new way of functioning as a team where you get instant team engagement and ownership in just one meeting.

Module 2: Develop critical team habits of execution (behaviors) – that ensure teamwork and operational success even under existing and emerging pressures and challenges.

Module 3: Establish shared ownership for team priorities and results – that get everyone rallied around your desired results (outcomes), not just their tasks.

Module 4: Magically create more time for everyone on your team – by transforming your meetings into priority and outcome-driven versus task-focused ones.

Module 5: Make it stick so your team becomes adaptable and resilient –  using the built-in Rapid Team Results measures and system to:

  • Regularly acknowledge progress and shortfalls
  • Identify root causes of breakdowns quickly, and
  • Proactively pivot together based on changing business drivers.

These five 90-minute modules are presented via webinar once a week for five weeks starting Thursday, February 2nd, at 8 am Pacific Time.

What other teams like yours have achieved

An overwhelmed IT department needed to reduce costs and increase responsiveness.

They freed up 4 hours per person per week by alignment on new habits with inviting, attending, and leading those meetings.

For this 150-person department, it was like getting 15 new employees, fully trained and onboarded for free in just two months.

An operational division had three departments in major conflict with each other.

Instead of focusing on the issues, they identified the business drivers they needed to address as a division to get alignment and ownership as a team.

At the end of the meeting, they were so clear and aligned on their new direction that the issues they came to discuss were no longer relevant.


“Taking the concept of making our meetings outcome-driven from Rapid Team Results has been powerful. I introduced starting any significant change or challenging discussion by agreeing on our desired outcomes before jumping into solving the problem.

It has completely transformed our meetings. People are looking at the bigger picture from the start, which changes the dialogue. We get aligned faster and come to a creative solution everyone supports, and it’s actionable leaving the meeting.”

Susan – Indianapolis, IN

“This methodology has transformed our Senior Leadership meetings. We all used to contribute to the agenda and then did grand rounds in our discussions, where anyone could bring up any topic. This approach often led to lengthy conversations and meetings.

Now we use 80-90% of our meeting time to discuss and manage our top priorities. Our old agenda process and grand rounds are no longer necessary because it all gets covered in the context of the priorities. We are now getting twice as much done in half the time.

When I sit back and reflect, I find myself delighted with the transformation and the effect it has produced. Thank you for guiding us in this process.”

CEO – Regional Hospital, CO

The B STATE and Rapid Team Results frameworks have been invaluable in helping me diagnose the root causes of problems rather than wasting time on the symptoms. I can now quickly zero in on the barriers to achieving our desired outcomes, and I see teams become more unified around change efforts.

Jamie, Director of Culture and Learning, CA

Also included with the system are

Access to:

  • All five webinar recordings
  • Presentation models for use with your team
  • High-performance team templates for planning, leading, and ongoing use with your team.

And to ensure you get rapid team results for your team.

  • A special Q&A at the end of each session where you can ask any question of me you have about your team
  • A two-hour group Q&A session two weeks after the fifth session where I will help you with any implementations questions you have

Registration closes on Tuesday, 24 January at 11:59 pm (PT)
(Participation is limited to 15 people – so you get maximum value)

Plus special founding group bonuses

  • Our High-Performance Team Measurement Package. This package provides a step-by-step process on how to use the system to measure and acknowledge your progress, revisit your business drivers and be proactive in keeping up with change, and a way to create a communication plan for your staff and stakeholders
  • Mark Samuel’s best-selling book – Reimagine Teams – The Missing Piece in Team Building to Achieve Breakthrough Results.
  • Free access to our Team Effectiveness and Organizational Excellence Assessments.
  • The first five (5) people to register will receive a one-hour strategy session with David, a $650 value.

And a money-back guarantee

If you don’t feel this fits your needs, you can get a full refund by requesting it before the start of the third webinar.

Registration is closed.

Registration closes on Tuesday, 24 January at 11:59 pm (PT)
(Participation is limited to 15 people – so you get maximum value)

This offer is limited - for good reason

Registration will close on Tuesday, January 24th, at 11:59 pm Pacific so I can get participants onboarded and launch the sessions in time for you to transform your team in the first quarter.

I want to see you succeed. As a result, I have limited the size to 15 participants to ensure you get the attention you need to implement The Rapid Team Results System for maximum results.

The Rapid Team Results System

Transform Your Team Habits, Priorities, & Meetings
for Unbeatable Results Under Pressure

Clients pay us $40,000 – $80,000 to implement this system for them.

$ 2,500
  • Five 90-minute, live, once-a-week, webinars followed by a Q&A
  • Access to webinar recordings
  • A live, participant group Q&A with David ~ 2 weeks after last webinar
  • High-performance team templates to use with your team
  • Our B STATE High-Performance Team Measurement Package
  • Mark Samuel's best-selling book, Reimagine Teams
  • First five (5) people to register receive a free one-on-one strategy session with David
  • And a money-back guarantee if requested before the third webinar
  • Our B STATE Team Effectiveness and Organizational Excellence Assessments

* This discounted price is valid till January 24th, at 11:59 PST or while seats are available! Reserve your seat now!

Registration closes on Tuesday, January 24th at 11:59 pm (PT)
(Participation is limited to 15 people – so you get maximum value)

Frequently Asked Questions

How many sessions are there, and how long are they?

  • Five 90-Minute zoom meetings with an optional 30 minutes after that for Q&A

When will the sessions be held?

  • They will be held once a week for five weeks at 8:00 a.m. PST starting on Thursday, February 2, 2023

What if I can’t make one of the sessions?

  • No problem, shortly after each session, we will post the recording, and you can ask any questions you have at the next session.

Will you share B STATE models like the A to B Change Model and the B STATE/Transformational Mindset Model?

  • Yes, those foundational models set up the program.

What if I sign-up and find it doesn’t fit me? Can I get a refund?

  • You have until the beginning of the third session to request a full refund.

Will this work if I am a project team leader?

  • Yes, it works great, but the order in which you use the five elements is a little different, which I will explain in the sessions to those that are project leaders.

Can I enroll more than one person from my organization?

  • Yes, you can! If more than one person from an organization joins, they can be a resource and support for each other. I think it’s a great approach.

Does completing this class license/certify me to deliver this program to teams other than my own?

  • I’m sorry, it isn’t designed for that. But if you have that interest, we have programs that do just that, and we’d be happy to share them with you.

I am not sure it’s the best time for me right now. Will you be offering it again soon?

  • Unfortunately, I have no plan at this point for a second session. And no guarantee that it will offer the same support or bonuses as this round. I’d suggest signing up now to ensure you don’t miss out.

Can I pay via company check, P.O., electronic transfer, or money order?

  • Yes, you can. Contact Anthony Escamilla at or +1 323.536.5685; he will happily set you up with an invoice or whatever you need.
Registration is closed.

Registration closes on Tuesday, 24 January at 11:59 pm (PT)
(Participation is limited to 15 people – so you get maximum value)

Meet Your Rapid Team Results Mentor


David Rodgers is an IMPAQ Executive Team Consultant and Coach. 

He started his career in engineering, project management, product marketing, and business management before joining IMPAQ. One of the things he discovered along the way was his love for learning and helping teams and leaders achieve their business goals and outcomes.

Over the past 30+ years, David has assisted IMPAQ clients, including General Dynamics, Michelin, Cedar Sinai Hospital, Kaiser Permanente, Queen’s Medical Center, Southern California Edison, US Navy, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, World Vision, Patagonia, Colorado Judicial Department, seven different nuclear plants, Chevron, Shell Oil Company, and a host of others. 

All the information he shares comes from years of practical experience implementing and testing these techniques and principles.

Don’t miss this opportunity to transform your team’s habits and results with the Rapid Team Results System. Claim your seat now before time runs out.

David Rodgers - IMPAQ Executive Team Consultant
David Rodgers

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