The 1-Meeting
Team Transformation Technique


With David Rodgers
B STATE® Executive Team Consultant

Get your leaders and team members aligned around a whole new way of operating for 2023 in just 1 meeting.


Telling, selling, and going for buy-in to create meaningful change.

There are many approaches touted as ways to create meaningful change. But three ways will kill engagement and undermine team transformation.


  • Telling them – the new expectations and then trying to hold them accountable treats them like newcomers, not professionals.
  • Selling them – by sharing your analysis and trying to convince them what needs to be done, creates followers not leaders.
  • Going for their Buy-in – brings progress to a halt, because who wants to buy into an uncertain future or an untested approach? 


Start using a better way that cuts to the heart of your current needs and rallies your team members to drive the change you need.

It all starts with the “1-Meeting Team Transformation Technique.”


What inspired me to offer this?

I was blown away by the responses from our clients to the following question:

What are the two biggest challenges you face in achieving your goals and priorities for 2023?

There was one common challenge:

The biggest challenge was delivering on our goals, aspirations, and commitments in the post-pandemic reality of higher costs, tighter budgets, and a shortage of skilled, committed, and motivated leaders and staff.

And there were great questions

How do I/we

  • Transform already talented leaders to pull together as a team rather than a set of individual operators?
  • Effectively execute when we have great ideas but limited resources?
  • Hire and train new people while being strapped for time?
  • Anticipate and respond to new challenges?
  • Strategically cut costs in a way that preserves our culture, ensures engagement, and retains the right people in the right jobs?
  • Rethink what we do and how we do it?

It touched me that now is the time to act.

If we don’t find a way to address these questions now, we risk missing our 2023 goals and losing or letting go of more good people.

There were so many good questions I couldn’t let them go unanswered. So I created this free masterclass to get the ball rolling.

More about the webinar

Date and Time

  • Thursday, January 19, 2023
  • 11:00 Pacific Time


  • 60 minutes followed by a Q&A

Sponsored by

  • IMPAQ® – Creators of B STATE®

Your Presenter

David Rodgers is one of IMPAQ’s Team Consultants and Executive Coaches. He started his career in engineering, project management, product marketing, and business management before joining IMPAQ. One of the things he discovered along the way was his love for learning and helping teams and leaders achieve their business goals and outcomes.

Over the past 30+ years, David has assisted IMPAQ clients, including General Dynamics, Michelin, Cedar Sinai Hospital, Kaiser Permanente, Queen’s Medical Center, Southern California Edison, US Navy, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, World Vision, Patagonia, Colorado Judicial Department, seven different nuclear plants, Chevron, Shell Oil Company, and a host of others. 

All the information he shares comes from years of practical experience implementing and testing these techniques and principles.

David Rodgers - IMPAQ Executive Team Consultant
David Rodgers


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Get your leaders and team members aligned around a whole new way of operating for 2023 in just one meeting.