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Transforming Healthcare Cultures Worldwide

For over three decades, we’ve partnered with healthcare organizations, large and small, to improve patient experience, achieve high-quality outcomes, and create accountable cultures that attract and retain top employees.

10 Do’s & Don’ts to Lower Cost, Increase Reimbursements, and Improve Patient Experience

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CEO & Founder

I remember when graduating college, listening to Dr. Peter Drucker say, “Medical centers are the most complex organization on this planet!” It was admittedly naïve, but I thought, “That’s where I want to work!” I never looked back.

When DRGs came into being, we witnessed medical centers in shock, looking for ways to survive. Now we are weathering another crisis with COVID and the challenges that came with it. The good news is this ongoing crisis is causing us to address the systemic challenges that have existed for decades:

  • Replacing siloed behavior with cross-functional patient care
  • Upgrading outdated KPI scores into clear standards for proactive solutions and effective execution
  • Creating cultures that inspire, nurture, and grow future nurses and providers of all types.
  • Developing a new generation of leaders that build effective care teams, develop their people, and tackle even the most demanding situations with creativity and compassion.

For over 30 years now, we have helped solely-owned medical centers, large medical systems like University Hospitals in Cleveland, HMOs including Kaiser Permanente, outpatient clinics and surgery centers, family practice physicians, and Medical Offices do just that.

mark samuel

Mark Samuel, Founder, and CEO

Case Studies

visual of a hospital

Hospital Conquers 3 Major Transformations in 3 Years

Faced with low throughput, high cost, and dropping patient satisfaction, staff morale, and revenue, a new hospital used the B STATE approach to make a dramatic turnaround. In six months…

  • The organization was energized, unified, and speaking with one voice
  • 30 day re-admissions went from 4 of 5 to 1 of 5
  • Patient experience and physician scores soared
  • Quality and safety scores hit all-time highs

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emergency building of hospital

Rural Medical Center Ready to Close Its Doors – Rallies for Huge Success

Faced with rising costs and declining reimbursements, a rural Medical Center was fighting a losing battle to keep its doors open. After using the B STATE Approach to create a new sense of purpose, the leadership team came together and within 8 months…
  • Turnover and vacancies declined
  • The medical center made a profit of $3M instead of a forecasted loss of $3.5M
  • Two years later, the hospital is not only thriving, it is recognized by Health Grade as being in the top 50 hospitals in the country for safety

Find how they did it… ->

Inter-Departmental Cooperation Saves Millions & Improves Service

Mid-level Managers Rally to Drive Hospital Bottom-Line Results

As a part of a cross-functional department managers and directors meeting, the new Cath Lab project team reported that they couldn’t meet the application window for the new lab, which would cause a year’s delay. The delay would be a blow to the community, which had limited access to labs, and the hospital, which was counting on the revenue to improve patient experience and results
Instead of accepting the setback, which was beyond the project team’s ability to address, the middle managers used the Rapid Team Results Project Ownership Planning Process to explore the options. Instead of delegating the problem, the operational managers added their creativity and ownership to the project. In 90 minutes, they had come up with a fulling supportable plan to hit the application target and keep the project on track. When the CEO saw this, he stopped the group and said, “I don’t know if you realize what you just accomplished. You just created an additional year of revenue for us and access for our patients!” This team of operational leaders continued to meet over the lunch hour once a month to become barrier busters and support for the Cath-lab project team and other top-priority initiatives for the hospital. In coming meetings, they launched an effort that reduced the onboarding time of new physicians from 5 to 8 weeks to 4 days! The key, they said, was taking shared ownership as a cross-functional group of leaders that they learned through the system.
doctors testing in a lab

A Struggling Hospital Lab Does a Complete Turn-around

A challenged hospital laboratory had a history of lab errors and poor performance they couldn’t shake. Some doctors were defensive and non-cooperative, morale was at an all-time low, and they were in danger of being outsourced.

Using our Breakthough Leadership Team Systemin six months, they completely turned things around:

  • Resistors came in line rapidly as all team members took accountability for surfacing issues directly with them in a supportive way
  • Errors instantly dropped, and enthusiasm rose
  • Non-performers could no longer hide and eventually found new positions elsewhere
  • Their new team habits and performance had become an unshakeable norm
  • Other departments and leaders asked to learn how they did this turn-around so rapidly and completely
  • They did so well that they won two excellence awards, one for the most improved team in the entire system

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An accountable team environment is where every member, regardless of level or function, can count on each other for a “can do” attitude, trusted behaviors, mutual support, and dedication to agreed-upon desired outcomes.

Since 1985, IMPAQ has been dedicated to building personal, team, and organizational accountability as a positive, safe, and supportive culture. Over 50,000 people from five continents worldwide and hundreds of millions of dollars in direct return on investment also contributed to improved cultural scores in trust, engagement, and satisfaction.

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10 Do’s & Don’ts to Lower Cost, Increase Reimbursements, and Improve Patient Experience