What is a Cross Functional Team

What Is A Cross Functional Team

Cross functional teams (CFTs) are groups of employees from different functional areas within a company or business. Another word for cross functional is cross departmental. For example, a CFT could include … Read more

Accountability requires everyone to take ownership for results

5 Myths of Accountability

By Mark Samuel – The myths of accountability are deeply ingrained in our business paradigms. Accountability is one of the most misunderstood terms in organizational development and a concept that I … Read more

The New Everyday Hero

By Mark Samuel –  Business in the coronavirus environment continues with people working from home, being laid-off or furloughed, or finding creative ways of  collaborating with others while keeping social distance … Read more

The Low Down on Burnout

By Mark Samuel There is a major misunderstanding about burnout that suggests it stems from over-work, change, and driving toward higher levels of business results year after year. However, we have … Read more