Case Study – High Tech Sales

Sales Transforms From Order Takers to Strategic Partners

The Challenge

A worldwide high-tech sales group was in the middle of a critical transition from a transaction/commodity-based sales approach, to a strategic solution provider that drove customer value and company development. It was a major overhaul and a major growth step for everyone. In addition, people were divided by functional, cultural and regional differences and this approached called for tight collaboration regardless of where in the world their department was based. 

The new VP replaced 75% of his staff who could not embrace this change, put new sales planning and reporting in place, and redesigned their approach to progress reviews. Although the entire team was on board conceptually, they were all either new to the company or new to this type of role. They had yet to “embody” this new thinking and approach. They needed to translate the higher vision into how function differently day-to-day for themselves and their people and they were struggling.

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