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B STATE is achieving RAPID BREAKTHROUGH RESULTS and Culture Transformation at the same time in lightning speed – in months instead of years. 


While most leaders know what the change is that they want to accomplish, few understand how to make those changes happen, especially when there is pressure for massive change in a relatively short period of time.

Below are just some of the business results and changes within their culture our clients get when using our programs …in 6 to 12 months!

Typical Rapid Breakthrough Business Results

  • Move from 4th quartile to 1st quartile
  • Become a benchmark
  • Decrease costs and increase profitability
  • Customer experience improves to become provider of choice
  • Vendor accountability and “partnership” improves
  • Middle Managers lead business decision making and operational excellence
  • Improved business results during transition of mergers, acquisitions and rightsizing
  • Move to Centralized Structure or vice versa

Typical Rapid Breakthrough Culture Transformation

  • Eliminate silo thinking and behavior
  • Create Psychological Safety for open and transparent communication
  • Trust increases by 35% or more
  • Conflict management improves by 25% or more
  • Decisions and solutions move to lower hierarchical levels
  • Employees get engaged and take initiative for improvements
  • Leadership demonstrated at all levels of the organization
  • Increase fast adaptability
  • Move to a Centralized Structure or vice versa


We help you to create your Future Desired Reality (business and execution), then change the Mindset and Habits necessary to ACHIEVE that New Reality (B STATE).

  • Eliminating Silos Thinking and Behavior
  • Creating Individual and Shared Ownership
  • Transform Functional Managers into Business Leaders

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  • Eliminate Silos
  • Mental, Emotional and Physical habits for whole-life change
  • Psychological Safety that Inspires and Engages Employee

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  • Individual, team and cross-functional accountability
  • Accountable agreements – for mutual ownership
  • Proactively and openly surface problems, peer coaching, and improvement

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  • Business Deliverables, Collective Execution, and Relationships
  • Core Habits of Execution are measured for sustained business/culture change
  • Correlated Measurements are used to identify root cause problem analysis

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