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How We Fail to Access the Power of Middle Managers

Middle managers are usually experts in their particular function, be it finance, human resources, operations, quality, or information systems. However, in many organizations they are under-utilized and under-leveraged because most have little knowledge about how other functional areas work or deal with challenges. 

Learn How To Turn This Around

In this special chapter, you will learn via a case study how one team transformed their systems, processes, culture, and on time delivery, producing greater responsiveness and quality to their customers by identifying their B STATE – their Breakthrough STATE.


“Mark Samuel’s B STATE allows organizations to create a compelling picture of the future. His book is the true source of clarity on what leadership needs to focus on: the most critical and the most cross-functional. Most accountability experts forget about the cross-functional side—the key to Marks’ model.

B STATE blends future focus into measurable outcomes and habits of execution that create the playbook for transforming leadership and results in your organization."
Elaine Vincent
Cheif Administrative Office - Town of Okotoks

Mark Samuel

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Making Yourself Indispensable- The Power of Personal Accountability

Creating the Accountable Organization - A Practical Guide to Improving Performance Execution

A New Roadmap for Bold Leadership, Brave Culture, and Breakthrough Results

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