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Are Silos Causing Breakdowns in Your Organization?

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By Mark Samuel –

Did you know that departmental silos are the biggest obstacle to
high performance, increased profitability, value-driven culture, and
overall success?

In my consulting practice, I’ve seen that bringing functional leaders together to speak with one voice is one of the most profound changes an organization can make. Not only does this increase positivity within the culture of the organization, but it improves resource-sharing, speeds up decision-making, and reduces breakdowns in execution.

This newsletter is packed with tips and tricks for how YOU can break down silos within your organization, improve communication and execution, and get the breakthrough results you’ve always wanted.

Building Trust in the Workplace requires teamwork and communication

Proven Steps to Building Lasting Trust Within Your Organization!

  • Have you tried and failed to resolve team relationship issues with style assessments and communication trainings?
  • Do you feel left out of important decision-making that has an impact on you or your team?
  • Have you tried to resolve cross-functional breakdowns by including everyone only to find that it takes too much time and becomes inefficient?

Building trust within an organization can be challenging for many leaders because they don’t know the steps to take.

Implementing the three steps to working cross-functionally is the fastest, most efficient, and most sustainable way that my clients build lasting trust and get breakthrough results.

Learn the proven steps to building lasting trust within your organization.


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Cross-Functional Cooperation Saves Millions and Improves Service

The Development Services Division of a small city was experiencing a
lack of collaboration between department leaders at all levels, causing inefficiencies that squandered both time and money. Morale was low, absenteeism was high, and grievances averaged one to two a month. All of this took time away from the public they served – slowing their responsiveness and productivity to a crawl.

After adopting the B STATE method, in just 6 months

Learn more about how this organization made the change.

  • Profits increased by reducing expenses across the departments
  • Staff morale boosted, absenteeism decreased, and employees showed up to work on time
  • Grievances immediately dropped from 1 or 2 a month down to 0.
  • Meetings became more effective by solving real, cross-functional problems rather than just giving updates
  • Public Works & Emergency Services began sharing resources and employees, leading to even more year-over-year cost savings
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