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[PART TWO] Overcoming Three Common TRAPS to Creating Online Workshops

Watch your step part 2

By Mark Samuel –

In Part 1, we shared one of the most common mistakes made by seasoned content creators and trainers—to underestimate the differences between live and virtual events. We all know they are different mediums to deliver content, but often aren’t clear on what those differences are…and more importantly, now to play to the strengths of the virtual medium rather than its limitations.

Let’s move on to another very common trap…

Trap #2: Assuming the activities will work in the same way

When you are transforming a program that you have delivered hundreds of times with in-person workshops, it is easy to assume that your activities are already tested and work smoothly. However, when in a virtual environment, everything changes – the use of technology, how instructions are delivered and reinforced, the ability to bring the group back to attention for a modified instruction, and any kind of reporting out from small group activities.

Solution #2: Test and Re-Test every activity to ensure how it will work with real participants

This was one of the hardest lessons that catches most seasoned trainers off-guard. It’s easy to assume that if you can replicate the experience of an activity in the virtual environment, it will work smoothly. However, there are many nuances to each activity from giving directions to working with others, to working as a solo trainer, to reporting out that require many different approaches based on the purpose and constraints of your activity.

The only way to truly know is test it with 2 to 4 people ahead of time to check their understanding, the use of technology during the activity, and the process for reporting out. While this is very time consuming, it is well worth it.

Often in our work with our own participants, even when we thought we solved for the problems that showed up, we discovered that there were several iterations for leading the activity to get it smooth for participants.

We’d love to hear from you! Leave a comment on how you’re doing with translating your trainings into the virtual environment.

And stay tuned for the final installment of this 3-part series, when we share the third common trap. It’s one that can often go unnoticed but can make a huge impact on the effectiveness of your offering and participant engagement!

In service to your Success!

Mark & Licia 

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