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Moving from Current State to Breakthrough State

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While most leaders know what the change is that they want to accomplish, few understand how to make those changes happen, especially when there is pressure for massive change in a relatively short period of time.

Months are wasted in large scale assessments to determine what currently needs changing. Then, strategic and change management plans are developed with sophisticated balanced scorecards, KPI’s, project plans, training programs and cascading accountability to every individual in the organization.

Yet, those time consuming & expensive efforts often don’t result in a truly changed culture that produces a meaningful difference in business results. It’s like taking an organization from current “A State” to “A+ State” – only a better version of the same state without transformation “B State” – for “breakthrough” culture and business results. There’s no new mindset or habits of behavior, which are necessary for both culture change and a new level of business results.

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